What Makes Us Unique?

The Cancer and Ageing Research Program
is unique in a number of ways.

We are approaching cancer research in a completely
new way

Most cancer research currently looks for mutations in genes. At the Cancer and Ageing Research Program we are taking a step back and looking at the fundamental core of all cancers -genetic instability. By looking at the genetic code we are identifying the genes that never change when cancer develops, for it is these genes that allow the cancer to develop and survive.

We’ve discovered key proteins involved in both cancer AND ageing

Through our research approach we have identified a key protein that is increased in all cancers that we have studied including breast, pancreatic, lung and colorectal cancers. When we block this protein in cancer cells they die. The CARP team are currently working towards fully understanding how this protein functions in cancer and are developing new drugs to target its function. Our aim is to bring one of these drugs into the clinic to treat patients within the next three years.

Remarkably, this same protein is also linked to other proteins that are important in ageing. In very exciting early experiments, we have been able to change the activity of some of these proteins that may delay the ageing process and the onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, dementia and bone degradation.

We can take our research from bench to bedside on the one site

Uniquely in Australia, the Cancer and Ageing Research Program will be able to move from research in the laboratory, to drug manufacture, to clinical trials, to treatment...all on the one Queensland campus, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. This will save valuable time and money and will help develop treatments and positive patient outcomes sooner.

Our international multidisciplinary team

A key strength of the Cancer and Ageing Research Program is our international, multidisciplinary team. CARP brings together world class scientists, clinicians and surgeons who are using their unique skill sets to work towards cancer and ageing treatments.

We believe our novel innovative approach combined with our international multidisciplinary team will change the paradigm of how cancer is treated in the future - for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

Donate today to ensure our work gets taken from the laboratory through into the clinic faster. Be part of the next great cancer research breakthrough - support the Cancer and Ageing Research Program today.